Pedro Minc has always been passionate by martial arts. He started training Judo with his father, himself a black belt, when he was 11 years old. After six years of Judo, Professor Pedro Minc started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu influenced by the UFC and friends ultimately, falling in love with it.

Professor Pedro Minc joined the Nova União team under the teaching of Master Andre (Dede) Pederneiras. Dede trained more than 20 UFC fighters and many BJJ world champions, including the number 1 pound for pound fighter Jose Aldo as well as Renan Barao, Eduardo Dantas, Marlon Sandro to name a few.

Training with these athletes not only made Professor Pedro Minc earned his Black belt in BJJ and his kickboxing professor certification from the highest ranked professionals, but it also taught him how to train students in the best way possible by applying fundamental BJJ values and principles, which in the end, also made him become a better human being and achieve his life goals.


Back in 2014, Professor Pedro Minc created and ran a very successful social program in a Rio de Janeiro’s low-income and high-crime community of Santo Amaro. This project was named “Pequeno Samurai” or Little Samurai, offering lessons to under privileged kids and their parents to improve their social integration. Professor Pedro Minc developed his love teaching for kids out of this experience.

After completing his MBA from FGV - Fundação Getulio Vargas in 2015, Professor Pedro Minc decided to spend 100% of his time teaching and competing nationally to become 3 x CBJJO world champion, 1 x CBJJP Pan-American Champion and IBJJF Brazilian National Champion in 2016. Subsequently, Professor Pedro Minc decided to move to US where he also achieved impressive tournament results in becoming 8 x IBJJF American National Champion and much more.

Professor Pedro Minc teaches adults as well as children and kids with special needs for which he developed a program focusing on anti-bullying which has already shown great results, helping them control their aggressiveness, emotions, deficit of attention in some cases and as such, helped them build confidence, self-esteem and discipline.

After numerous years competing and teaching, in 2021, Professor Pedro Minc finally realized his dream by opening his first BJJ School called Minc Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (MBJJ) Team Nova União California based in Redwood City.